Testosterone Is The Causing Factor For Colon Cancer

According to previous studies, estrogen have protective effects against colon, stomach and pancreas cancer by preventing the growth of tumors. In other words, men are more vulnerable to these cancers than women.

The researchers of the University of Missouri think otherwise. They discover that colon cancer is due to testosterone.

Just to highlight that the observation is based on male rats. James Amos-Landgraf, an assistant professor of veterinary pathobiology in the MU College of Veterinary Medicine removed testosterone from those rats. He found that the colon cancer rates decreased greatly. When he reintroduced testosterone to the rats, the colon cancer rates were restored as the earlier ones.

This observation implies that testosterone may show its influence tumor growth in the colon. Men are more vulnerable to colon cancer than women is not because of the protective effects of the female hormones.

In addition, Amos-Landgraf points out that post-menopausal women tend to have higher risk of colon cancer because they’ve more testosterone.

If you’re taking testosterone supplements or shots, you should reconsider.

Reference: http://munews.missouri.edu/news-releases/2014/1210-testosterone-may-contribute-to-colon-cancer-tumor-growth/